Giving Thanks and StressLess Week!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! We hope your tummies are stuffed with turkey, and your hearts full of thanks as we start the holiday season!

As the quarter comes to an end, we at HSPA have so much to be grateful for. New and incoming members have brought so much support, joy, and love to our club. Not only do they bring outstanding conversation to our discussions about mental health, but they act as models in our community to bring awareness to others. We are excited to announce that in partnering with Forefront we welcomed 29 new SafeTALK trained Suicide Alert Helpers into the University of Washington community, just in November alone! (If you are interested in participating in SafeTALK, click the “GET INVOLVED” tab above!) HSPA members are also currently being trained for our upcoming high school outreach program, and we are just beginning to plan our H3 Walk on April 25, 2015! There is so much going on, so much that could not be done without the incredible people who devote themselves to this cause.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is that HSPA members have been planning and implementing events for StressLess week (“dead week”) between December 1st through the 5th! Because after all, what is thanks without giving back to our UW community? We will be handing out goody bags with food, water, notes of encouragement, and information about our club in the Odegaard Library, next week on campus! And because doggies are so wonderful we are also hosting the Therapy Dogs in Ode on Wednesday, Dec 3 so keep a look out for our furry friends! Be sure to check out our facebook page so you don’t miss any of these awesome events. Email us at if you are interested in volunteering at all next week with distributing goodies to your fellow students!

To end, we hope that you are doing well and having a great start to your holiday season. Lets take the time to be truly grateful for those who love and support us, for the challenges that we face, and the moments that bring us true happiness.

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