Our Story


Once upon a time, three University of Washington students met with the common goal of making suicide prevention and awareness a priority at UW. They decided to do so by putting on UW’s first ever Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention, sponsored by AFSP (the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). Gradually on their journey, three more UW students joined them, including the Active Minds president. Together they contacted businesses and other UW clubs and set a goal of $5,000. When walk day rolled around in April, they were thrilled to have 130 participants and raise over $12,500! The next fall, a few more students got involved and the new RSO Huskies for Suicide Prevention & Awareness (HSPA) was founded. The second Out of the Darkness Campus Walk at UW raised almost $10,000 and drew in more than 200 participants! Since then HSPA has worked with the UW-based non-profit organization Forefront on various activities and events, including the annual H3 Walk (replacing the Out of Darkness Campus Walk). HSPA continues to expand suicide awareness outreach on campus. Join us to become part of our story as we go forward making this mission an important one at UW.

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