Stress Less Week

“Dead week”. Also known as Week 10, the week before finals.

There is a range of connotations behind the name of this week. For some students “dead week” may just be a way to convey the immense amount of work that’s left to be done. But for several others, it is a week of extreme tension, stress, and breakdowns – mentally and emotionally. There are resources on our campus that are present to support students, though many do not hear about them or seek out this help.

In efforts to break the monotony of this time of quarter, HSPA decided to reclaim the week and spin it with a positive purpose. This is how Stress Less Week (SLW) came to be.

Historically, this week is devoted to helping students relieve stress through various activities hosted by HSPA, and more importantly, connecting students to UW resources such as the counseling center in Schmitz Hall and Safe Campus. The ultimate goal of SLW is to advocate mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and the importance of self-care.

In the past, some of the activities HSPA carries out during this week include the following:

Therapy Dogs
A popular, fun, “awww”-filled event held in Odegaard, these furry and happy friends spend a few hours getting showered with love and pats by any and all college students who want to drop by!


Study Goodie Bags
Another Stress Less Week HSPA activity is making and handing out study goodie bags to students in Odegaard Library late at night! These baggies include wellness tips & contact info for resources such as SafeCampus, motivational notes, and of course, snacks to help those brains working hard. If you would like to donate packaged food items for this cause, please email


Collaboration with other groups
Thank you to the following groups for helping us make Stress Less Week possible!

*Odegaard Library – You are amazing, thank you so much for your continuous support of and collaboration with HSPA.

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