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Details for Spring 2018 Walk

Welcome to the 2018 Husky Help & Hope (H3) Walk hosted by Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA) and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention! The H3 Walk is a UW Seattle campus and community-wide annual event aiming to offer support to survivors of suicide, commemorate those we have lost to suicide, and break mental health stigma.

This year the walk will be held on Saturday May 19th, 2018. Opening and closing ceremonies will happen at the beautiful Sylvan Grove and Columns – Seattle’s campus.

Check in will start at 10:30am and the walk will end at 2:00pm.

To find more details please see the links below:

REGISTRATION: Register for the 2018 Walk!
VOLUNTEER LINK: Sign up to volunteer!

DONATION LINK:  Make a donation!

FACEBOOK EVENT: Join us on Facebook!

HSPA: hspauw.com
Forefront: intheforefront.org

Donations go towards our Forefront in the Schools program and to help train HSPA members to be peer trainers for LEARN (suicide prevention training) on campus. As a community-wide event, we hope to inspire other universities or communities as a model for suicide prevention towards systemic change.

The event is FREE and dog friendly. We will have food, inspirational speakers, musical acts, and a drawing for prizes provided by our sponsors.  T-shirts will also be for sale at the event. We hope you will join us.
“Let’s walk, let’s talk, let’s break the stigma.”

4 thoughts on “H3 WALK

  1. I have tried to register for this walk and could not.
    Nancy West and Morgan West would like to register. Please send clear directions on registering.

    • Nancy, we’re sorry to hear about the difficulties with registering! We’re doing our best to work with a free website on our limited budget this year. We’ll send you some more detailed instructions via email. Thanks for the feedback – and if anyone else is reading this, feel free to email us at hspa@uw.edu if you’re having any difficulties!

    • Hi Nina! The opening ceremony will start at 11am, with the walk starting at about noon. It is a 3-mile walk that typically takes people about an hour or so. We will have a brief closing (10-15 mins) and wrap up by about 1:30pm. We encourage you to come for the whole event, but if you are only able to attend part of it, that’s fine too!

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